Donate Emergency Food

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42 MEALS, 22.9 LBS
21 More Needed For BCT

$2.80 Average meal cost in Fresno County



*Picture of product is for advertising purposes and may differ from actual product purchased, products may be exchanged with other products during supply shortage, but meal count and calorie count will be same.

-We recommend 1 pail per person! A 2-week food supply!

The more prepared you are the more you fight hunger!

FEMA recommends having 3 days of emergency food that you can easily take with you on the go and a 2 week emergency food supply for longer sheltering in place during a disaster.

-One Prepare & Give Emergency Food Pail meets this easily transportable 3-day food supply requirement for a family of 4.

-One Prepare & Give Emergency Food Pail gives one individual a 2-week supply of food for sheltering in place needs.

Warning! Your pantry food should not be used for an Emergency Food Supply. Your Emergency Food Supply should be separate. Accidently or purposely using it for normal day use could make you vulnerable if disaster strikes! Pantry food is not packaged for emergencies and can be destroyed in certain disaster scenarios or compromised by pests, oxygen, moisture, and sunlight.